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Lighting Controls is pleased to introduce our new DALI micro PIR! Our ECOLUX LC-MICRODALIPIR is one of the smallest on the market with a diameter of 17.5mm. It can be easily fitted within luminaires and BESA fittings as well as more traditional ceiling ties. The Detector can also be supplied with a bezel for efficient installation. 

Despite its small dimensions, our micro PIR retains the detection patterns of larger traditional sensors—approximately 6m diameter when mounted at a height of 2.8 m. It can be supplied in any RAL numbers to enhance the aesthetics of any workspace, hotel and residential area. 

Our DALI Micro Presence Detector detects movement using a PIR sensor, which updates the light controller via a DALI interface. When an area ceases to be occupied, the device times out after a configurable period.  

This detector features our Progressive Sensitivity function to eliminate false triggering. There is also an integral lux detector, enabling the sensor to control daylight linking. Daylight linking can be configured either to keep lights off when there is sufficient ambient light or used as part of a closed loop to maintain a pre-set luminance level in a dimmable system.

Read more about DALI Micro PIR >

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