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Lighting Controls have been extensively involved in the development of Braywick Leisure Centre, installing approximately 50 DALI gateways across the site to allow the user to easily control and monitor all areas. In addition, a series of DALI scene plates were installed in select areas to provide local control, including the main sports hall and the cultural hall.

Emergency fittings were installed in certain parts of the site, including the swimming pool area. For ease of access, most emergency fittings across the site have local batteries, and will be constantly monitored for potential faults or errors. The only exception is the emergency fittings within the swimming pool area, as access to these luminaires is challenging, and local battery replacement is therefore not possible. To overcome this issue, these luminaires were fitted with a central backup battery.


A 7” touch screen situated at the reception operates as the headend, providing a graphical view of the lighting control system. This headend allows staff situated at the reception to easily control and monitor all DALI controlled areas as well as all emergency fittings, including the squash courts, the health suite and the swimming pool area. In addition to the ease of control, the headend further enables users to schedule emergency tests and create a range of compliance reports.

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