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In Autumn 2016 we completed the lighting control system at Eton College’s brand new £18 million debating chamber, Jafar Hall. The chamber is styled on the ancient Greek theatre at Priene and includes new classrooms and a gallery to display the school’s collection of antiquities. Lighting Controls Ltd was chosen for this prestigious site because of the necessity for high quality products.


The hardwired system consists of DALI 64s, with phase dimmers within the control panels. This, along with bespoke bronze DALI Scene Plates in the debating chamber, creates a customised lighting set up with the ability to select five different lighting scenes. The primary scene is controlled so there is only lighting on the speaker and exit stair wells during a debate. We can also easily alter the scenes in the future if requirements change.


The lighting system is connected to the CCTV/Security and Fire alarm system to ensure there is lighting during an emergency or if the CCTV cameras detect movement.

Eton College Debate Chamber 1.jpg
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