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Extended Warranties

All our products are warranted for a period of two years against failure due to manufacturing defects. In the unlikely event that products supplied by Lighting Controls experience these defects, please call us on 01252 470 027 and have your installer remove the product and return it to our address. The faulty product will then be swiftly repaired or replaced and returned to you - or your installer - at the discretion of Lighting Controls Ltd. 

If you are seeking further warranties, we also offer two extended warranty programmes that include a range of unique and valuable benefits. Check out our products page to see all the products covered in these warranty programmes.


  • One on-site system check per year

  • Discounted repairs and replacements

  • Partially covered labour costs for uninstalling and reinstalling defective products: 100% during years 1 & 2, 50% during years 3 & 4, 33% during years 5 & 6, and 25% from year 7 onwards if the silver extended warranty remains valid

  • A guarantee that our engineers will be at your site to repair or replace the faulty product within 3 working days of you notifying us


  • Three on-site checks per year

  • Software and firmware updates

  • Emergency Test Procedures conducted remotely (where applicable)

  • 100% repair or replacement of faulty components

  • 100% coverage of the labour cost of uninstalling and reinstalling they faulty product if the gold extended warranty is valid

  • A guarantee that if we cannot solve the problem remotely, an engineer will be on site within 48 hours of you informing us

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