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Forty Clarendon Road Collage.jpg

Forty Clarendon Road has been extensively repositioned across 6 floors, with a remodelled and extended reception area that enables employees and clients to connect with each other in one place. The open plan floor plates range from 7,992 sq ft to 10,228 sq ft and offer contemporary space with an exposed services finish. All floors feature generous floor to ceiling heights which all make for an impressive space with great flexibility.


This was a standard LCM project across 6 different floors, stair cores and toilet areas. A TCP network was established between floors to allow inter floor communications, thus enabling complete control of escape routes and corridor hold based on occupancy anywhere in the building. The project also included DALI Sub address LCM’s and DALI Broadcast LCM’s along with Hardwire relay modules for the stair cores. All emergency testing was performed using the Area Controller Key Switch, controlling the LCM emergency power ports. The building is now having a fitout on various floors for PWC.

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