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Highgate Junior School is set in the Haringey Conservation Area. The 4,288 sqm scheme provides a high quality co-educational learning facility, reflecting the schools’ achievements of excellence. 

The development retains part of the existing building, Inglehome, a Victorian villa which has been restored sensitively in order to be integrated into the proposed main building. It has been designed to achieve BREEAM ‘Very good’ and a 100 year lifetime goal.


LCMs have been used in the classrooms, with DALI 64s in the corridors and reception areas. Also, long range PIRs have been placed in corridors and scene setting has been implemented in the Sports Halls. The external lighting has been replaced with presence detection sensors and a time clock, ensuring energy efficient control. White boards have also been included in the control network to give staff individual input on a room by room basis.

Highgate Junior School 3.jpg
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